Monday, May 28, 2007

China, My Home Forever-Choir

Chinese Impressions

During a trip to China I was inspired to get some impressions in still form in addition to my video work. So, the result is an animated slideshow that shows my view of this huge country. You are welcome to enjoy the visual journey.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

China's quest for the moon

  • I showed a Chinese version of this clip to the Director of COSTIND's Media Division.
  • "Maiden Voyage" is documentary about China's scientific quest for understanding of the Moon and Beyond.
  • Within the next two years, four independent spacecraft (SELENE, Chang'E 1, Chandrayaan 1 and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) will orbit the Moon carrying an extensive array of sophisticated science and exploration instruments. Our understanding of the Moon and its resources will be revolutionized when the rich array of data from this flotilla is analyzed by scientists and experts around the world.
  • Produced in China, with co-operation of the Chinese government and scientific community, the "Maiden Voyage" story will allow viewers in the East and West to understand the scientific goals of China's CHANG E lunar exploration program and its vision for the future, as well as prepare the way for global participation in the extension of human presence on the Moon and beyond, for the benefit of all mankind.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

China 1972: A Visual Memoir of the People's Republic

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9 minutes 1972

A rare glimpse of China during the Cultural Revolution. The film was shot and edited by Kevin Murphy who, at age 15, accompanied his father as part of the Canadian Government's first trade exposition in Beijing, held in the second two weeks of August 1972.
As Murphy, now a criminal defence lawyer, recalls nearly thirty-four years on: "I shot the film in Super 8 myself and it was pretty much unwatchable in its raw state until I had the benefit of digital editing software which made it possible to edit out the bumpy bits and making the scene transitions less jagged."
As Murphy recalls, this was "early days" -- just under six months after Nixon's visit in February. Canada had recently established a mission in Peking and was somewhat aheadd of other western powers in that regard. The teenaged Canadian was allowed to go on the trip because his father paid the cost of his trip and the youth worked for part of the time as a "gopher" for the Canadian Trade Exposition helping with sorting luggage, printing press badges, running messages.

People of Western China (1940)

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10 minutes

Made in 1940: Life and work of the people who live in Chengtu, located in a valley in western China.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chinese Dance Troup

Beautiful China

A video slide show of some of China's most beautiful views -- Chinese poetry from the Tang Dynasty and some Chinese songs for background listening.

Chinese New Year Hong Kong Fireworks 2006

Chinese New Year (Year of Dog) Hong Kong Fireworks Display 2006

Chinese Folk Dance -- Hua Gu Wu

Chinese Military Parade 1999

Chinese New Year 2007 (PowerPoint)

Chinese New Year in Fuzhou,Fujian,China

Women in China (PowerPoint)

A short presentation about women in China during the Tang Dynasty. The last section is on foot binding.

China Country View (PowerPoint)

Early China (PowerPoint)

A look at early Chinese civilization with an emphasis on the family/social unit.

China 2008 Olympics (PowerPoint)

Photographs of the Olympics preparations

Looking at China (PowerPoint)

Looking at China : (PowerPoint) A brief introduction to the sociocultural and educational contexts of China.

Chinese Dynasties Overview (PowerPoint)

From the Shang to the Qing Dynasties - a quick overview.

China and Chinese (Videos and PowerPoints)

This page showcases many of the online multimedia videos and PowerPoint presentations that are available to help with teaching and learning about China ... I hope this collection saves you some time.

There are areas on the Shambles website that lists lots of free resources to help with the teaching and learning aspects of China.
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